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Indoor Air Quality
Mold Spores & Radon Gases can be found in your own home. In high enough concentrations, these pollutants can be harmful.

Mold and Mildew in your Basement

Mold and mildew are probably the most common problems found in basements today.

Radon is in 1 out of 4 Homes
Radon is a cancer-causing natural radioactive gas that you can’t see, smell, or taste.

Iron Bacteria (Red Stuff)
High level presence of iron or manganese in ground water often gives rise to the growth of an organism called iron bacteria.
Mold & Flooded Basement
Mold, Mildew, Iron Bacteria & Radon
Unfortunately, more than 1 out of 3 homeowners will make the mistake of finishing off the basement
without first properly preparing it.  Don’t’ let this be you.

The Basement Environment
Most homeowners seldom think of their basement as much more than a storage area or perhaps a place for the laundry, a workout area or a playroom. An occasional ‘musty’ smell is often overlooked, and therein lies the problem. The vast majority of cellars throughout the United States have water and moisture seeping in through concrete walls and rising up through the floor.

Challenges We Face Today

Your home should be safe and comfortable, not a place that makes you sick or endangers the stability of your home.  People can have air quality problems in any kind of home, new and old. 

Many things in your home can cause air quality problems, including flooded basements, basements with moisture, humidity, and foundation cracks.

Healthy Home Basement Finishing

People all over the world are using their basements as added living space. No longer is the basement a place to store potatoes and do laundry. Now-a-days people want home theaters, family rooms, playrooms and everything one can imagine. The problem is that even professional basement waterproofing companies and basement finishing contractors alike are not properly preparing the basement space BEFORE they finish it.

Basements are by nature damp and humid and need to be properly prepared. "Basements not properly prepared can be the breeding ground of mold that can affect the health of everyone in the home." says Steve Andras of Pioneer Basement. Seeing the health problems that people are facing because of this, Steve and his team have developed a unique Network of Basement Professionals who work together for one purpose - To provide a homeowner with a healthy basement environment. Each professional contractor specializes in their expertise of the project. Pioneer Basement's project manager oversees the entire process so the homeowner has only one contact person throughout the project.

Issues like radon, which kills 21,000 people a year in the United States alone according to the EPA, are dealt with by Pioneer Basement and authorized contractors. In fact, prior to the basement finishing project, tests are done to ensure that radon levels in the basement are below the recommended EPA levels.

A ground water and moisture control system is installed prior to finishing. "We see a lot of people putting their family at risk by finishing off their below grade space with organic materials such as sheet rock and wood." says Steve.

We are on an industry changing mission to help improve the quality of life of millions of people.

Basement Wall Leak
Undetected leaks can create an environment for mold to grow.
Basement Radon
radon is a health hazard that can enter the basement & home.
Iron bacteria
Iron Bacteria
Growing iron bacteria colonies can clog filters and drainage pipes.