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Make your Basement Healthy
Home owners should be given the choice of having a healthy and safe basement living area without compromising the quality, design, and the overall appearance of a finished space.

Basement Finishing Network
Provide a healthy home basement finishing solution with a network of approved basement finishing contractors.

Start to Finish
We take care of your basement finishing project from start to finish. Each step in our Healthy Home Basement Finishing process is carefully administered by our home basement finishing project managers. Our Project Designers are knowledgeable and experienced. In a matter of weeks, you and your family can enjoy a new living space right in your own basement! Click Here

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Everything you need from start to finish.
Our Healthy Home Basement Finishing Professionals can help you maximize your new living space with a great finished basement design. Our design team is specially trained to develop your new space so that it fits your needs and budget. Whether it's a home office, entertainment room, or place to spend time with your family, our team can present you with many options on how to utilize you new basement space.

Baaement finishing design plan Good planning and design is the key to the success of your basement finishing project. A custom detailed design plan is included with every finished basement project we do. It's important to us that you know how your new basement living space will look before we start.

Protecting your investment- We abide by state building codes. Our entire design team is licensed, certified, and insured. We are responsible for obtaining all nessacry building permits for your home basement finishing project. All of our building materials are basement safe and meet state and government specifications.

Prepare your basement before you finish- Preparing the basement is the most important aspect of you new home basement finishing project. The saying is, "If you don't have your health , you have nothing". At Healthy Home Basement Finishing, our top priority is to secure the health of your basement environment and the foundation. We are basement experts and we provide protection from mold, mildew, moisture, humidity, ground water, poor air quality, structural decay, and minimize the entry of radon gas.
Prepare your basement
Basement Preparation

Start to finish basement finishing system is 2nd to none. We adhere to a strict policy for customer dealings and basement finishing project management. Our Healthy Home Basement Finishing Network team prides itself on both a systematic and attention to detail approach to assure the success of every basement finishing project.

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